Epcot Flower and Garden 2015 Menus

Can I find printable PDF versions of all the F&G menus? I am trying to put together information for a friend. Also, is there a resource to find out what items would be gluten free? It seems as if the menus label vegetarian options but they need the gluten free options for a family member.

I’m having trouble finding printable .pdfs, but the festival guide that you can pick up at the parks has an indicator for items that are gluten-free. You can see that here. That particular page is from last year, but I’m almost certain they’ll have that in this year’s guide, too.

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I’ll see if I can pick up a festival guide tonight or tomorrow and post the GF items.

As an aside, I love the typo made in the original post about “what items would be glutton free”. :wink:


There was a Touring Plans blog post a couple days ago that listed the menu items (though without prices): http://blog.touringplans.com/2015/03/04/2015-epcot-flower-and-garden-festival-details/

I’m not sure the best way to identify gluten free items.

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So, I posted really, really early this morning! I will at some point fix it, maybe…:smile:

Don’t think they have menus up yet but http://www.glutenfreedairyfreewdw.com/ might be a good resource.

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Also say saw josh did a review with some good pics :slight_smile: http://www.easywdw.com/uncategorized/epcot-flower-and-garden-2015-outdoor-kitchen-kiosk-reviews-pineapple-promenade-urban-farm-eats-france-fleur-de-lys-botanas-botanico-taste-of-marrakesh/#more-15274
Hope it helps…

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Okey doke…here’s the list of foods from the Festival Passport. Apologies for typos…just got in and need to call it a night soon.

Urban Farm Eats
Kale Salad, dried cherries, almonds and goat cheese with white balsamic vinaigrette (V, GF)
Quinoa vegetable “naanwitch” with arugula pesto and oven dried tomatoes (V)
Ghost pepper dusted tilapia with crisp winter melon slaw and mint oil featuring the original sauce man’s kick it up rub (GF)

Pineapple Promenade
Pineapple dog (spicy hot dog, pineapple chutney, and sriracha mayo)
Pineapple soft-serve (not listed as GF, but I’d ask because I can’t imagine it not being GF if uses the same mix as a Dole whip)
Pineapple soft-serve with macadamia nut rum
Pineapple soft-serve with Capt. Morgan Parrot Bay Coconut Rum

Jardin de Fiestas
Taco al pastor (corn tortilla filled with achiote marinated pork, garnished with grilled diced pineapple, onions, cilantro, and salsa verde)
Veggie Quesadilla (flour tortilla filled with monterrey jack cheese and mixed veggies) (V)
Flan de queso con chocolate abuelita (Mexican chocolate custard with whipped cream and cinnamon) (V)

Lotus House
Kung Pao chicken bun
Beijing style candied strawberries (V) – this is another one I’d ask about, because I’m pretty sure in previous years they may have been listed as GF, unless I’m thinking of something else….
Vegetable spring roll (V)

Florida Fresh
Watermelon salad with pickled onions, baby arugula, feta cheese, and balsamic reduction (V, GF)
Shrimp and stone ground grits with andouille sausage, sweet corn, tomatoes, and cilantro (GF)
Blueberry and lemon curd tart (V)

Primavera Kitchen
Flor di latte, prosciutto e pane di casa (pinwheel of mozzarella, prosciutto, olio toscano, ciabatta bread)
Cheese manicotti (egg pasta stuffed with mozzarella, ricotta, parmesan, tomato sauce, bechamel) (V)
Limoncello panna cotta (lemon custard, limoncello liqueur, raspberries) (V, GF)

Pulled pig slider with cole slaw
Beef brisket burnt ends hash with white cheddar fondue and pickled jalapeños
Smoked debreziner sausage with house-made kraut and mustard (GF)
Piggylicious Bacon cupcake with maple frosting and pretzel crunch

Frushi (pineapple, strawberry, melon rolled with raspberry coconut rice, sprinkled with toasted coconut and whipped cream on the side) (I have no idea why this isn’t listed as Vegetarian… maybe some gelatin to keep the rice together? likewise, not sure why it wouldn’t be GF, but it isn’t listed as such….maybe some flour in the toasted coconut?)
Teriyaki curry bun (steamed bun filled with chicken, vegetables, curry and sweet sauce)
Osaka salmon sushi (box-style sushi with salmon and rice, typed with dynamite, volcano, and eel sauce)

Taste of Marrakesh
Harissa chicken kebab with sweet couscous salad
Falafel pocket with cucumber tomato salad and tahini sauce (V)
Pistachio baklava (V)

Botanas Botanico
Seafood ceviche (shrimp, scallops, and grouper with mango and avocado (GF)
Cachapa con queso (sweet corn pancake with farmers cheese) (V, GF)
White corn arepa with braised beef and chayote slaw (GF)
Coconut tres leches (V) – had this tonight and it was AAAAH-mazhing. It is on my must-repeat list for pretty much every visit.

Fleur de Lys
Gnocchi parisien a la provencal (Parisian-style dumping with vegetables and mushrooms) (V)
Confit de canard, pommes de terre sariadaise (pulled duck confit with garlic and parsley potatoes (GF)
Macaron guimauve a la fraise (large strawberry marshmallow macaron (GF)

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Wow! Thank you so much!