Epcot fireworks returning?

So this was in the lobby of Yacht Club yesterday…
Perhaps fireworks will return soon? I heard a rumour about 10/9/2020, but nothing to substantiate it.
(To be clear, I’m not there, this was posted in another group I’m in.)


Thanks for sharing! Did you get to see / hear anything?

I wasn’t there, this photo was posted in a Facebook group I’m in for November 2020 trips.

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ITM is reporting it was for Harmonious, not the interim show.


It is curious they are testing at this point. The barges aren’t done yet, as far as I’m aware. But perhaps Disney is looking at some kind of interim fireworks ONLY show temporarily?

Or maybe the barges are further along than anticipated?

In any case, I’d love for this to actually mean there will be fireworks at Epcot for our December trip.


Our Epcot day is 10/8. If they debut this on 10/9 we will definitely be changing park days!


This is technical testing for Harmonius. It doesn’t mean the imminent return of firework shows. Crowds remain the reason for no evening shows.

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This brings up an interesting thought for me. They could bring back fireworks after the parks close and the park is empty, thus avoiding the crowds. There are tons of places to watch outside of the parks to avoid people gathering densely in one area. A girl can dream :wink:


It seems like Epcot could do fireworks that would allow people to spread out. Especially if they avoided the stuff on the water that makes people want to be close and just did the high in the sky stuff. If you knew you could see the fireworks from anywhere around the lake, that’s a lot of space to spread out.


That’s what I was thinking. Of all the parks, Epcot seems like the only one that could actually handle fireworks and maintain social distancing.

Why test if not actually going to start them

I’m going to edit this post.

They are testing pyro effects to be used during Harmonius.

To my mind that means testing both the fireworks and the hardware behind them.

As I said before, they could bring back a fireworks show in 2 days if they wanted to. Disney don’t want to though.


They were already working on this new show long before COVID, so I think they’re just continuing that work so it’s ready whenever they are ready to bring back fireworks.

I think that, even at Epcot and even if it was just fireworks, people will still crowd in certain areas that have “the best view”. They know that can’t be helped, so they just won’t take the chance.


They just extended the hours for Epcot on 10/10-10/12 to 11 am to 9 pm…just sayin…


Could also be for anticipating crowds due to opening of Ratatouille.


@ryan1 have they released an opening date for that?

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They haven’t. But it is just about complete, so in theory could open any time. Rumors are Disney will open it quietly to avoid crowds flooding the park. We shall see.