Epcot festival of the art food booths


I just read a blog on the food they will be serving. Looked yummy. Are these samplings or meals? What is the appropriate cost of the food at these booths?


The food booths always have food samplings. Sometimes you may find a salad item for under $4.00 but I always plan around $6.00 per item although you may find items over $7.00. We usually share one item between two people and sample more items. Most non alcoholic items are also Disney snack items on the dining plan and can be a good value.


I'm really looking forward to the details and reviews that will come out when the festival opens this weekend. It's a new festival, so I'm sssuming it will be similar to Food & Wine or Flower & Garden, but we won't know for sure until it opens!


If you didn't see it the menus and prices (DP eligible items noted on photos) are all over today. Here is one Link