Epcot Fastpass Help?

Agree with using FPP for LwtL. Out of all the tier 2 rides, only SE, LwtL, and MS tend to actually have lines. Even those can be hit or miss, ranging from walk-ons to over 45 minutes. On my last 2 trips earlier this year, the line for LwtL was 45 minutes pretty consistently all day long!

We don’t usually do MS, so that leaves SE and LwtL as the only reasonable FPP to get in tier 2 for our needs. Seas, Imagination, Turtle talk, Pixar film pretty much are always walk ons.

But with all that said, I haven’t even been reserving FP for EP, since you really only need a FP for the tier 1 rides. Instead, I’ve been reserving FP for a different park that we’ll hop to before/after EP, as @PrincipalTinker has advocated for in the past.


I’m hoping Epcot without Fastpasses works well for us too. We’re not interested in the Frozen ride and have a PPO breakfast at Garden Grill to hopefully get in to Soarin quickly, so my main concern is Test Track. But if we really like Epcot we have days later in the trip when we can go back and use whatever FPPs we can pick up same day or the day before.

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What time is your Frozen FPP? I’m struggling with our Epcot day(s) too! I’m not sure if I should evaluate or stick with the optimization.