Epcot Fastpass Help?

My TP is telling me it hates that I fastpassed Living the land and Spaceship Earth in the morning. basically it will take longer to do everything I want . Should I just move those fastpasses to later in the day and focus on Frozen and meeting characters, walking around the world in the morning? I plan on doing Frozen after my PPO Akershus. It just seems so wrong to not have fastpasses in the morning, but it shouldn’t be “wrong” if all the things i want to do first don’t need fastpasses?

Ok end rambling. Help!

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Epcot is the park where I least sweat my FPP selections and timing. If you’ve booked FPP for Living with the Land and Spaceship Earth for early in the day, you could honestly just walk on those rides without FPP at all (at that time).

Or do what you’re contemplating and move them to later in day, when FPP is more necessary, and do your other activities first.

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OK Thanks!

Remember that World Showcase doesn’t open until 11am, other than FEA and the Anna and Elsa m&g.


Yup! I think by the time we eat at Akershus, do frozen and meet Anna and Elsa we should be pretty close to 11

Just as a data point when I went last October, we had FP’s for Soarin’ at 9:05 (maybe) and we had to rider swap bc of my 3yo who wasn’t tall enough. Our plan was to ride LWTL together as a family right after hoping to expect no wait. Can’t tell you exactly what time it was maybe just before 10am, However, maybe a fluke but there was a 45 min wait so we decided to skip. I dunno maybe hang onto those early FP’s. The line probably went back down to 10 minutes after we walked away. Such was our luck.

I think you got caught in a not-so-sweet spot for LWTL. You probably got to it at the back end of the mob who hit it after RDing Soarin’. We rode LWTL just before a 10:30am Garden Grill reservation, and it was essentially a walk on.


OK good to know! I’ll keep and modify as needed when there.

I’d keep them. If you get to the ride and the wait is short, don’t use the FP. Modify it to something else. Conversely, you could just use the FP so they are gone and you can book additional Tier 1’s after using all three FP earlier in the day.


I like your plan but might make a minor adjustment. Here is how I would book it. Get a 9:00 MS, 10 TT and 11 LWTL. Ride FEA standby after your breakfast, then do A&E meet and greet. Ride MS (maybe in the 15 min grace period) then TT with your FP.

Either move up your TWTL once you scan into TT or stop by Club Cool on your way over dependingnin what time it is. As soon as you scan into LWTL you should be able to pick up a Soarin with your 4th FPP. By refreshing your choices, you should be able to get one for early afternoon at the latest.

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Sorry, I should mention, the key reason to get those tier 2 early, is to be able to clear them fast and pick up a FPP for whichever Tier 1 you didn’t ride through RD or your first 3 FPP.


Makes sense. I just kinda want to do our countries early before it gets busy with Food and Wine fest later in the day. Plus it’s Labor Day. But I guess walking around the countries doesn’t involve standing in line except for food, so maybe not a big deal? It will be level 5.

Ive always found the waits at tier 2 to be reasonable. That being said, if you trying to score a 4th FP for tier 1, get FP for LWTL and SE, planning to use LWTL and the end of slot (about the time u plan on leaving WS) and either tap n go SE or ride it. This should put u at early afternoon to get another FP. Sorin should be a prob but u might get a late FP for TT, if one at all.

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I got one for TT. I chose that over Soarin’ because predicted wait times look reasonable, unlike TT.

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I also like the line for sorin with the interactive trivia.

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This! Do this :rofl:

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In that case WS doesn’t open until 11:00, so you are still trying kill time in my plan until 11:00. After you scan into TT at 10:00, move up your 3rd FPP to a 10:15 or 10:30 (can be anything you are interested in doing to kill time - Figment and Pixar are closest to WS. I love Pixar).

Once you scan into that 3rd, pick up Soarin for later in the afternoon. Then enjoy WS. After riding Soarin you should be able to get SE, Nemo, anything else you still want, with relative ease.


Thats a good plan too!

The last two times we got FPP for LWTL we were the only people on the FP line and there were not many on standby. Wasn’t worth wasting the FP. Just an FYI

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I found it hit or miss. Usually 10- 15 mins wait but there has been 2 or 3 times it was 30+😳. Its one of my favs but if u have to use a FP early to fit ur plan, they have a couple others on the way out of WS too.

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