Epcot Fast Pass Tiers

Remind me of the grace period rules.

@LaurenB, We are using FP at HS in the morning on the 12.24 Epcot Day. We may try and FP TT or Soarin for our afternoon EPCOT arrival before or CP Dinner. (once we exhaust our HS FPP) Maybe the standby line will be doable for that evening. Would be nice to not have to worry about the Tier 1 strategy on 12.25. Thanks, All for the input. Very helpful!

5 minutes before, 15 minutes after.

I like Soarin better than I like Test Track, but I’ve also had a lot more success finding Soarin FPPs later in the day, so if I wanted to see both, then I’d chose a TT FPP. Soarin also has more lulls later in the day, when lines drop a bit, particularly later in the evening. However, since you’re visiting during one of the busiest times of the year, I’m not sure if my experience will be all that relevant to what you’ll find on Christmas Eve. Given the fact that it’s possible any 4th FPP might be tough to get on 12/24, I guess I’d lean toward choosing Soarin.