Epcot F&G Evening Plan

We are going on a primarily UOR trip (AP holders.) How reasonable is it to think we will be able to ride (SE, Soarin’, FEA etc) plus graze around the food booths if we hop over to Epcot one evening? I’m thinking around 5pm on a weekday (will get convention tickets) and will be the 3rd week in April. Should the strategy be to eat first, ride later? The park hours have not yet been updated so Epcot is closing at 7pm. I’m hopeful this will change because if not, it won’t be worth our time.

Oh, and there is currently availability for all parks except HS that week.

They just extended park close for Epcot to 11pm all week for the second week in April. I would expect the same for the 3rd week. At minimum I bet you can count on a 9 pm close. I’d do Soarin’ and SE first, walk around WS and hit FEA at park close. I would think that’s doable. I’d budget 5-7 for Soarin’ and SE + walking to WS. 7-8:59 for F&G grazing. If you get additional hours after 9 even more time for snacking!

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Thank you! I’m glad to see that someone else thinks it’s doable! We were planning to be dropped of by Uber/Lyft at the front entrance so SE first will work perfectly. Then, if we are at WS at park close, we could maybe walk out through IG and get a ride back to our hotel from Beach Club instead of heading back through Future World.

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