Epcot Evening EMH: Only good for touring WS?

Wondering if lines for Soarin’ and TT go crazy after Illuminations on Epcot EMH evenings, and if it would be better to plan Epcot/Illuminations for a different evening? I doubt my DF73 will want to do the long stroll around WS during evening EMH, although I’m sure it’s very pretty.
Interested in thoughts/experiences of others. What to do, what to do? Thanks!

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We watched Illuminations from in front of the Odyssey building. From there it was a quick walk to Test Track and a short wait. We did Spaceship Earth instead of Soarin’ after that with another short wait.

Good to know, thanks!

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Bumping this up for fresh response…

Gonna be at EPCOT on a CL8 day, thinking about planning on doing Soarin’ or TT after illuminations…

Anybody have any recent experience with evening EMH and wait times on a busier day?

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Have you put them in a custom Touring Plan? Maybe set the times from 8:30 to 11:00pm and plug Illuminations and those rides in to get an estimated wait time.