Epcot EMH Importance

In the EMH day at Epcot the crowd calendar says its an 8. Would be be better to go to Epcot on non EMH day when it’s a 5 or 6? Going first week of June. Thanks!!!

I think it’s only worth going on EMH days if you are going to use the full time. For morning EMH, this means arriving well before the park opens, and for night EMH this means staying as long as possible. Having a park hopper helps too, because the mid-day hours will be busier on EMH days. I prefer to avoid EMH parks and just do a full day with normal hours at the park with the lowest crowd prediction. That’s just me though! If you are an early bird or a night owl, then you can make it work.

It’s for am hours. And no I am not an early bird but found out on Disney trips I have to be. So in your opinion it’s better to go to Epcot on non EMH days? I know AK and MK were great for early hours. I have never done EP early hours before. So wasn’t sure if worth it. We would leave early afternoon for a nap and return later or hop to another park for evening.

I don’t have a lot of experience, so I hope you get some other takes on this from more people. I think the best thing about morning EMH at Epcot would be the extra time in Future World before World Showcase opens. If you just have one Epcot day, then that extra time might make it easier to hit all the attractions that you care about. I would worry about the larger crowds though. I think you might get just as much done on a lower crowd non-EMH day. I guess I would choose the day that will work best for your schedule. There are pros and cons to both days, and a good plan will make either day successful.

Can’t decide what to do and my 180 day is today. I have to make a decision and book stuff!

Sorry I wasn’t more help. Maybe the ADR availability will make your decision for you!

Yes I would do am EMH. We plan our trips around it and we are not early morning people. We were there in April for am EMH, went straight to Test Track and it was walk-on. Then went to Soarin which was maybe 10-12 minutes wait. Also had FPP for both of them later so got to ride both twice that day. Crowds only get larger as the day goes on, the early morning times are the best for getting on multiple rides quickly. It seems that the later the open, the more people.

Do u remember what crowd level your day was? The day with EMH is an 8 and other days are 5-6.

If Soarin, Test Track and Sum of all Thrills are all important to you, am EMH help. SOAT doesn’t open until 9 so if you get the other two out of the way, you can get that right at 9. If those three aren’t that important or you don’t want to ride them more than once, I’d pick a lower crowd day. I was there last summer on a 9 with EMH and it was crazy. We wanted the extra time and hopped to HS for the afternoon so it worked.

We arrive the first week of June too. Good luck with ADRS!

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Yes those are very important to us. Kids will love TT and soat. We will also do the character spot and mission space. We plan to leave after lunch and return in the evening or hop to another park. Do u think we should go on an early EMH day? We are doing early hours at all other parks. With fewer rides at EP I was worried the entire crowd would run to TT and soaring at opening.

I agree with @SallyEppcot and it’s actually pretty simple to decide. If you are committed to going to the EMH morning hours, then go to that park. if you can’t arrive before the EMH begins so that you are right there for RD, then go to a different park.

You have a park hopper so that’s a very important factor. On an 8 day, you will want to leave that EMH park either before or right after lunch and hop to a park that has lower crowds.

I think Epcot for EMH is a great idea. You can get a ton of future world done before WS even opens. So you hit two RD’s really, one for FW and one for WS! Have lunch in WS and then get out before it gets too crowded (which won’t be until maybe 2 pm? You should be ahead of the crowds all day I would think.

What do others think?


I would definitely leave after lunch and I would not return to that park. Pick another park that is less crowded.

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Another thing to think about is that there isn’t that much difference between a 6 and an 8 when it comes to Soaring, TT and SOAT. Stand by for those three will be long on either day.

What will be different is that the lines for the others attractions will be longer at a level 8. And for food too. So that’s why I would hit the EMH because you will have almost three hours before it gets “crazy” in FW. That’s when you can enter WS and do some attractions and book an ADR? Then get out! LOL

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If you can really be there when EMH start, then I would go. If TT and Soarin are important, the extra hour helps. Everyone goes to those two first thing anyway and an 8 versus 6 won’t make that big of a difference with those two rides.

On the 9 day I was there, we went to the Character Spot right after SOAT and it was crazy. We gave up it was so bad. Maybe consider a FPP for that.

Or a Chase Disney Visa? Isn’t there a dedicated character spot for that?

That’s a great idea too. I don’t think it starts until 1:00 and it’s only 2 characters. I usually do that too but my kids still like the character spot.

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I checked and the actual was a 4. Do you have hoppers? If so I would go to all the AM EMH’s and then hop later if too crowded. We did AM EMH at AK on a day that turned out to be a 9. It was great those first few hours, and since we rode all the headliners between 8-11am, the afternoon was a breeze using FPP and watching shows and exploring. I am a big believer in EMH :smile:
Edited because I should have read the other repsonses first. I see that you have hoppers so definitely do AM EMH if you can be there at least 30 minutes before it starts

Also, keep in mind that very little is open at Epcot for AM EMH. Soarin and Test Track, which are the reason to go, then LWTL and Spaceship Earth. Is that it?

So, the day we are planning to do Epcot, there are AM EMH. What time should I plan on getting in line for the bus to get to Epcot for that? I’m staying as ASSports.

I would arrive at the busstop one hour before RD. So if EMH are at 8:00, I’d be at the busstop at 7:00. That gives you some leeway in case you have to wait for a bus, and if one does come by pretty quickly, then it puts you at the front of the line at Epcot. But, realistically, if you don’t care about being belly up to the rope, 7:30 is probably fine. Epcot is only like 5-10 minutes away.