Epcot Early Entry from Main Gate?

Does anyone know if they let guests into Epcot before Early Entry from the main gate? I know they do from International Gateway, but not sure about the main entrance. If they do, any idea how early you can start walking to your first ride?

I am sure they do. In fact, when we rope dropped from the IG, the guests from the main gate were easily ahead of us in the “race” to Frozen. So…it may actually be more advantageous to use the main gate than the IG for all but Remy at early entry.

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I was thinking of Remy first, and Frozen second. Just want to make sure it’s realistic to have that same kind of advantage as when you enter through IG.

IG definitely has the advantage for Remy. Main Gate has advantage for everything else.

Last time I did it we were held on the walkway to the right of SSE near where Coral Reef is located until the rope dropped. Quick to RD Soarin, but would be a long way to Remy and would be well behind anyone entering from the IG.

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