Epcot during food and wine-Friday or Sunday?

Which is the better day crowd wise to hit Epcot? It is a short trip so those are my two options. With the other day being a MK party day. Thought was hit MK Friday and Epcot Sunday.

Plug your dates in the crowd calendar. Off the top I thought Sunday. Maybe most of the drunkards have to work Monday. :laughing:


We will definitely check crowd calendar, but opting for Friday at this point…not a fan of the crowds on weekend.

++ @joannes1959 … My roughest EPCOT day ever was a Sunday during Food & Wine

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We went on a Thursday and Friday, partial days for both and the Friday was fine except for the hour long storm in the afternoon that shut most of the vendors down. Lines were really long everywhere once things opened back up. But obviously that was weather related. Based on the crowds that day, I would go on a Friday again.