Epcot dinner / fireworks

We’d like to eat at Via Napoli for dinner on our Epcot day. However the only time available is 8:20pm and we certainly don’t want to miss IllumiNations.

Should I go ahead and book that, or switch to Spice Road, since I’ve read you can view the fireworks from the restaurant.

We could also just eat at CS or outside the park, since I’m sure we’ll leave for a break and come back.

I have just booked Spice Road for 8.20pm to catch the fireworks if possible we did try for Rose &'Crown but no times available unless you want to eat about 5.30 which would be now good for 9,0’clock fireworks

Why don’t set a ADR finder for your preferred time and location? Then book a back-up plan. The ADR finder is usually pretty good. How much time until your trip?

I’ve decided to cancel Via Napoli and we’ll eat at any of the good CS places in Epcot.