Epcot Dining - Not available?

I am exactly at my 180 day mark… and book everything this AM except Akershus and Coral Reef. They are not available for either day I have checked… does anyone know when they open the spots for these 2 restaurants?

That’s very strange, I’m not sure why that would happen. All the restaurants open up at the 180 day mark, these two being no exception. Is it saying there are no times available? Or just not saying it’s an option? Have you tried just trying any time during the day and seeing if it comes up? If either restaurant is booked solid, you could always use the TP reservation finder.

It’s possible some of the reservations for Epcot restaurants are being held back in anticipation of releasing the Candlelight processional dining packages.

Sometimes certain places release after the 180 days. The Candlelight processional information has not released yet and that could affect the EP restaurants. Many people have reported low availability for Aker. Speculation is maybe they are holding some back for some reason.

I think @Outer1 is probably right on this one. I’m pretty sure that CR has a CP package. No sure if Akershus does, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they were possibly cooking up some special Frozen-related dining event there.

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I haven’t been able to get anything at CR either and it’s at the top of our list. I was online at 5:59 AM at the 180 day mark and couldn’t get anything for the entire length of my stay (12/5-12/10) at CR for any meal.

Makes sense about the Candlelight Processional though if CR is one of the restaurants that participates. Thankfully, I setup a reservation finder here on TouringPlans.com to help me see when an opening does come around.

My impression is Coral Reef is NOT a hard to get ADR so I presume you’ll be fine once they do actually open reservations.


I called WDW Dining to ask them if they just hadn’t opened up reservations yet for Coral Reef and was told there was an opening for 3:15 PM on one of my last days if I wanted that. I told her no thanks and that I would just keep checking the site to see if anything opened up when I needed it.

I just found it very odd that a restaurant that size would be booked solid for my entire trip (from what I could see online at least). And I was able to look past the 180 day mark since I am staying onsite.

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That does seem very odd. I know we booked last year at < 180 day window for Coral Reef in early December w/o any issue. I’d presume they limited reservations for some reason for now and it will clear up and be no problem, but that’s of course a guess…

Good luck…

The CP is very popular, so I am assuming that they are “holding” a lot of reservations back because they will be released as CP dining packages.

As much as we want to go to Coral Reef…I don’t want to spend 2 credits eating there just to get a table if the Candlelight Processional Dinner Package is our only option.

Fish are friends…not food. :wink:

Garden Grill, La Hacienda also don’t have any availability… hmmmm… interesting!!!

GG was part of CP last year. Not sure about the other.

Yeah I tried to snag Garden Grill as well…and like you said it had no availability.

I wish the CM on the phone would have let me know they were reserving tables for the CP…but perhaps she didn’t even know that.

We don’t “know” that either - but it seems like a logical guess…

When we went last year, this happened to us too – for some reason, not all the inventory is release for Epcot restaurants right at ADR opening time. Keep checking, they’ll open up soon.


This withholding happened last year also because of CP packages not being released. There were barely any Coral Reef reservations at the 180 day mark, but more opened up after the CP packages were released.

I called this morning. They are not able to tell me why there are no slots open… just that there aren’t any available at this time. Same thing with the Fantasmic dining package. Not available yet. I’ll keep trying. Thanks everyone!