Epcot dining news (Japan)

The Mitukoshi website doesn’t have a menu up yet. So I guess we have to wait and see.

I didn’t realise they also operate Tokyo Dining, which is closing for a lengthy refurb. I wonder if they will continue running that location.


At the previous price points (for Disney and TT) I would have definitely wanted to try it if I had a willing dining partner!

But I was just having a conversation with my husband that the dining scene (here in DC) priced us out of the top restaurants 5-7 years ago when the 7-9 course pre fixe became really popular, so I am not suprised I am sticker shocked.

I undestand it is a matter of what people want to spend their money on. This comes close to the same price point as a desert party and a character meal. Which changes my perspective when I think about it.

But I get super shy about spending a lot of money on food, only because I am so disappointed if it turns out not to be great.


Keep in the mind the cost of the meal doesn’t include the cost of the park ticket to get to the meal. Doesn’t this dining experience take several hours away from park touring?

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I think that’s what she was getting at. It certainly was part of my opposition to it.

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I added in the park ticket in the comparison to Victoria and Alberts. If Monsieur Paul and Takumi-Tei are trying to draw in “foodies” I think you have to measure them both against V&A. The fact that you can get a cheaper meal at V&A when you add in the park ticket cost to the other two, is just crazy to me. That’s just the way I personally look at it. I love eating at signature restaurants. To me, this is part of my Disney experience. I am just struggling with this.


The dinner menu is up. No a-la-carte options.

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Sons of bitches. That’s not helpful at all. I really want to go there.


So do I but I booked Le Cellier Candlelight Processional package and I just don’t think i can do both in one day or I might explode.

and it really isn’t. It’s a leave up to the hands of what’s on hand/chefs. I do like to do that on fancy sushi nights, but I do like to always add a roll of something that piques my interest too.