Epcot dining news (Japan)

Two bits of dining news.

First Takumi-Tei is re-opening for walk-ups only starting on Nov 23rd. This is the wording of an email received by some, presumably from the parent company:

“We are pleased to announce that we will be officially re-opening on Wednesday, November 23. Our new menu will feature two omakase multi-course meals priced at $250 (omnivorous) and $150 (plant-based). Our hours of operation will be Thursday – Monday from 5:00 – 7:30pm. We will be serving a limited number of walk-in guests only *.

Second: Tokyo Dining is closing from Nov 20th and is expected to re-open in the Summer of 2023. This appeared on the website yesterday.

“Beginning November 20, 2022, Tokyo Dining will be closed for refurbishment. The location is expected to reopen in the summer of 2023. Check back later for more details.”



The wording of the announcement about Tokyo Dining is interesting. The location is expected to re-open ……

Something different, perhaps? Sushi bar, character dining (not sure what would fit though)?


Thanks for posting. I know a podcast recently was talking about it preparing for re-opening. Of course they had no details, and I guess I should have expected that price.

I thought Monsieur Paul’s was expensive but I guess it was just aligning to a new focus for some of the EP restaurants?


Could be worse:


That is behind a paywall for me but I expect you don’t have to pay to enter the pathway to the restaurant? Definitely still expensive but Takumi-Tei is in a ****** theme park.

It is also only $45 cheaper than V&A main dining room?


You don’t have to pay, but you do need to wait for them to unbolt the door for you:

If you show up a few minutes early for your 5:30 p.m. reservation, Tadashi Yoshida’s door on the Bowery will be locked. It is also unmarked. To the right of the entrance is a discreet panel with a buzzer just below the name, Yoshino; after you press the button, someone will appear in the door to undo the bolt and let you in.


My last post did make me realize that you can get a cheaper meal at V&A than MP and TT when you consider the park ticket. There is something seriously wrong with that fact.


Disney definitely seems to be making the most of foodie culture to try to bring in the money.

I understand that this restaurant was always in the super high quality catagory and definitely always a foodie experience. But having just seen the movie “the Menu” I feel particularly reflective on the intersection between food, money and privledge.

I was just thinking last night about how Be Our Guest QS was a cornerstone of my DD and DH falling in love with WDW. Getting into th AC at lunch, with the fantastic theming and food showing up at the table. It makes me sad that it is locked behind a spendy pre fixe experience. (DH just confirmed how much he enjoyed that experience).

I try not to be too “Disney so expensive” but they are making that really hard. This is one of my all time favorite pictures because it was a joyful, funny moment.


Takumi-Tei isn’t Disney owned. Like Monsieur Paul they can set their own price.

I guess we’ll see if both can sustain that price point inside the park. Based on previous reviews, Tukemi-Tei seems to be as good as its price point. But added to having to.be in the park only time will tell!

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Better than V& A?

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Totally different experiences I think. And I was more comparing it to Monsieur Paul as the other restaurant at a high price point that is inside the park. Reveiws don’t seem to support the price point there.

I have full intention of going to TT if not during my upcoming trip, then the one planned for next Sept. They have an ala cart menu that I will probably order from. The $250 meal is not the only choice.
ETA I’ve never had a desire to go to with V&A or MP. TT strikes the right chord for me.

I can’t find anything that confirms there is still an a La cart menu?


Maybe it is just a misunderstanding?

I wonder if they will update everything before it opens?


I presumed there would be because there always was, even with the previous $150 Omakase menu

Yes, but MP had both pre-Covid too so I think that might be the concern.


I’m wondering where everyone’s source for the information is. Reading it from a blog has the potential to leave out information. I guess we’ll have to wait until someone goes there, or Disney updates the menu page.


I’ve not been to Victoria and Albert but I have been to Remy on DCL. And I can’t imagine any in park dining experience coming remotely close to that. Nor would I want to spend three or more hours of paid park time dining in a location as expensive as that. Both of these are a hard pass for me which is a shame because I always wanted to go to MP and was really looking forward to them re opening

On the plus side, Victoria and Albert’s doesn’t look so expensive anymore :thinking:




For AP holders whether it’s in the park won’t matter. Foodies will still want to try it.