Epcot dining help!

We had planned on having lunch at Biergarten, mostly because I thought DH may enjoy the food and the beer, but then we added a PPO GG breakfast. So now I feel like having two buffets will be way too much food.

That said, I do like the idea of having a TS reservation because I think it will be good to get out of the heat and to have a set plan. Last trip we sort of wandered around the WS with two hot, hungry kids, trying to decide where to eat so I want to try to avoid that!

So what are your suggestions for a non-buffet TS restaurant, with two kids aged 4 and 7? We have a FEA FP from 12:00-1:00 just to give an idea as to where we’ll be close to lunchtime.

I would make Biergarten later, at like 4:00pm. Two buffets are great at Epcot because you can just get a snack here and there during the early afternoon instead of a full QS meal. Pastries at Les Halles, Via Napoli Pizza Window, etc.


Just for clarification, Garden Grill is not a buffet. It is all you can eat, but family style table service. They bring the platters to you.


I’d recommend Via Napoli. Who doesn’t like pizza… and it happens to be the best pizza at Disney. The sangria is cool and refreshing too :laughing:

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