Epcot dining - december 2015

began booking dining for a trip 1st week of december at 6 this am and for some reason all but 4 of the Epcot restaurants showed no availability for either lunch or dinner on the specific day I was looking 12/2/15. I didn’t think this made sense as there was still availability for CRT and other difficult reservations available by 6:10 am but nothing in Epcot. I called disney and they could not explain why but said the restaurants are not full but may have something to do with candlelight processional. I was there same week last year and did not run into this, anyone have any input?

They may be holding them back until the CLP packages are released next month. We went the same time last year and we didn’t book any of those restaurants until after they’d been released.

Agree with @Outer1; Once they set the Candlelight Processional times/dates/quotas, the rest of the ADRs will open up.

This happened with November reservations a few weeks ago. No real explanation as to why, but most of the Epcot restaurants weren’t available right at the 180+10 mark, but they slowly trickled in as available throughout the day.

Just keep checking, they will probably show up eventually.

Thanks everyone - I’m not really sure why they do this but glad to see it’s not because all restaurants are full. I will keep checking!

I am about a month ahead of you (going in November). I had the same issues as I was trying to get Biergarten on a Monday afternoon. There was nothing available at 180+10, I kept checking and 4 weeks later, the entire afternoon “magically” opened up yesterday and I got exactly what I wanted. So basically it went from nothing available to anytime I wanted…can’t explain it.

I am going the same week, Biergartrn is now open for lunch. I’m not certain about the others.