Epcot day FP question?

In Sept, WDW crowd level 3 day, if we hit Epcot at opening 9AM, do I even need FP for Soarin, Nemo, or Spaceship Earth???
We only plan on like 4 rides in Epcot. No test track.
Should I save FP for Wishes that night??? We are going back to MK just for CRT, Electric parade, and Wishes.
Or should I FP at least 2 of them for 10 or 11, then hit Epcot at 10AM so we can sleep in alittle since we will be out late at Fantasmic the night before.
We jsut have lunch planned at Via Napoli for 12:30.

Personally, I would go with RD at Epcot. Book it to Soarin’, then do Nemo and SE in whatever order makes sense to you. You can always nap between Epcot and going to MK. The new FPP location for Wishes seems pretty fantastic, I am planning to use it myself. You could FPP that, the Electrical Parade, and another attraction. You almost certainly won’t be able to get a Wishes FPP the day of. I think that one is more useful than an early morning one at Epcot.

OK. I heaard form alot of peopel it wasnt worth it to FP Wishes. SO unsure :slight_smile:

Also, after wishes, which is at 9:00, the park closes correct, si there anyone to get on another ride, or no.?

This thread features some images of and from the new FP+ viewing area. Those pics are what have convinced me to try it.

If the park closes right after Wishes then no, you won’t be able to get on another ride. You could always FP something before Wishes, though, depending on when you intend to get to the park and when your ADR for CRT is.

Thx!! I will go check it out. I guess I shouldnt be too concerned about Epcot anyway at RD. Looks like crowd levels for when Im there are 1 and 2. So very low.

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I would still aim for RD if you want to ride Soarin’ without a wait. There’s a chart here that indicates what the average peak wait time is at various crowd levels. This page gives clearer indications of what the wait will be on, say 09/21/15 (crowd level 3). If you change the numbers in the web address, you can adapt it to your exact dates.

In my example, they’re currently projecting a wait of 31 minutes at 10 AM. If you arrive at Epcot at 10, you’ll be waiting in a less-than-ideal line for the bag check and then to get through the entrance. I’m a pessimist, so let’s say you get to Soarin’ at 11. Now you’re looking at a 48 minute wait. You’re killing an hour between the wait and experiencing the attraction, and then you’ve got to hoof it to Italy for lunch at 12:30.

I’d suggest Epcot at RD, going to Soarin’, hitting the other attractions that appeal and, if you have extra time between your last attraction and lunch, enjoying the World Showcase as you walk to Italy. More time to stop and smell the roses, less of a hustle. That’s just me, though! YMMV.

I agree with you :slight_smile: I only meant Epcot at 10AM if I was using a FP.

Gotcha! Good luck with the planning. :slight_smile:

THANK YOU!!! Appreciate the help!!!

If you are only interested in Soarin’ and not Test Track, you could probably do all 3 at RD without too much of a wait. Because you can’t split the first 3 between parks, and by mid day the chances of getting a Wishes FPP are low, I would “save” all 3 for your PM at MK. Definately one for Wishes and then two others (maybe MSEP).

I agree with @theredhead. I would only book EPcot FPs if I was only going to Epcot for the day. I feel the same way about Animal Kingdom. I too, do not care for Test Track, and will do Soarin at rope drop. You can ride any attraction after Soarin with little or no wait ( I usually go on Soarin twice).

I booked Wishes FP for the first time after seeing the pictures. I really think you should consider it.

Such a tought decision. Im just afraid I will be stuck waiting over 20 minutes for Soarin, even if I go at RD.

You’re likely to wait 20 min or more on a FPP return on a busy day…

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Right, but isn’t it better to use the FP at Epcot that morning, so I’m not waiting much in the morning. We are not doing park rides at all later that day. Just wishes at MK… When I look at september says soarin, meet and greet, etc. All has 20 minute waits in morning. We wouldn’t have to rush there for RD too. We could show up at 9:30 or so.

I’d save the FPs for the Magic K in evening. If you get to Soarin at rope drop in front of the slowbies, should be fine. SE right after won’t be terrible–my kids went first thing to SE this morning (with huge crowsd), and it took me longer to go get Starbucks. Nemo shouldn’t be terrible in first hour. Meanwhile, my parents stayed late last night and had FP for MSEP and they LOVED it, they tootled around Main St till right before, then had a front row spot, my daughter got to wave w/all the princesses etc. And that’s when everyone’s tired and their feet hurt. My $0.02.

This thread has made me wonder if it would be possible to allow TPs to include multiple parks in a single plan to let the software decide the best use of FPs? Haven’t really thought it through a bunch so maybe it’s not that big of a deal, just kind of thinking out load.

I hear you. I think the only positive to using the FP in morning at Epcit is if we want to show up later at 9:30 or so and not RD.