Epcot crowds last two days of F&W (11/12, 13)

We (two adults, WDW veterans) will be in WDW from 11/12 - 15th. Primary priority is Sunday brunch at Cali Grill and to see Pandora. Since it’s the last two days of the F&W Festival at Epcot, we will probably try to hit that up as well, depending on crowd level.

Since our first day there is Sunday, we’re doing brunch that morning. Not sure what we’ll do in the afternoon…possibly AK if we have FP+ for FoP, but otherwise possibly Disney Springs.

I imagine Sunday night will be crazy in Epcot…has anyone experienced the tail end of the Festival? What is it typically like at the very end? Will it even be worth it to attempt to visit on Sunday evening? What about Monday, which I think is the last day? We are staying at the Beach Club so it will be easy to get back and forth…just wondering what to expect crowd wise…

Thanks in advance!!


We went the last few days in 2015- on a Saturday (dapper day) and the last day- a Monday. Saturday was crazy as expected- like difficult to walk anywhere- so we left. Monday was amazing! We arrived around 3-4 and there were very few crowds. Minimal waits at each stand. It was also really perfect weather- like 75-80, so the weather wasn’t keeping people away. I would 100% go again on that Monday.

Our experience was similar, definitely suggest waiting for Monday, if you can.