Epcot - Crowd level 10 on June 9th

Why the jump to 10 at Epcot for June 9th? I have my touring plan ready to go but a 10 raises the stress level a bit. It’s a EMH day but for a day so early in the summer. The good news is that it is the only 10 during our trip.

Have you made a Personalized TP for the day? If not, then do so and see how things work out. Most times with a good plan you can do what you want to at a park even on the busiest of days.

I am going to be there too that day. I had previously created a plan, just for the morning when we will be there, and the estimated time for the morning only went up three minutes when I reevaluated it once the crowd calendar changed. It will be crowded but with a good plan, it will be manageable.

Good luck and have a great trip!

We’ll be at Epcot that day as well. Feeling nervous about the crowd level as well. Hopefully all goes as planned.