Epcot Constuction

Wondering when all the construction at Epcot is scheduled to be completed. We usually enjoy visiting this park 2 or 3 times during out trip. But without Hoppers…we may only get there once. (but can change things to go twice if needed)


ALL the construction will depend on what survives any cuts. But if everything was still on the table it wouldn’t be done til 2023 if I was to guess. I’m thinking a lot is going to be scaled back especially in the center of Future World so they may have the majority of what’s left by the end of 2021.

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What I can advise is most of the construction projects, rides / eateries / attractions, that were slated to be open 2020 and early 2021 are now several months behind schedule and won’t be available as promised this year or even 2021.

Plus, Disney is putting some of them on indefinite pause until they recover from the $1 billion + in losses they’ve taken during the closures.

If you are going to the reopening, expect EPCOT to still be a construction zone / walls everywhere in FutureWorld