Epcot CL 6 morning plans

I have a GG ADR at 8:00am, then my plan is to hit Soarin, then meet Joy & Sadness, then Baymax, and then use my FPP for Character Spot. My FPP is from 9-10am. Will we make it by 10:00am or is this too tight? I have my J&S and B meet & greet blocked as a 30 minute stop starting at 9:18am. Thoughts?

You have a 15 minute grace period at the end of your FPP. So you technically have until 10:15. I think you’ll make it!

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I was in Epcot last month (CL at 4 for that day).

I didn’t have breakfast at GG, but we were in front of the crowd at RD and we were on the first theater show at Soarin’.
It went like this:

09:01 – 09:22 : Soarin’
09:25 – 09:28 : Meet Baymax
09:29 – 09:52 : Meet Joy & Sadness

With the grace period, you should be alright for your 9-10am FP+ at character spot.
Worst case scenario, If it doesn’t go as planned, you could do Baymax after the character spot

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This is wild! This is our exact plan on April 16th - also a crowd level 6 day (crowd level 4 until last night). However, our FP for the Character Spot runs from 9:40-10:40. I also allotted 30 minutes for J&S/Baymax but it starts at 9:22. My TP has us at the Character Spot at 9:55. I think you’ll make it, especially with the 15 minute grace period!

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