Epcot character spot wait times

Any advice on what to do with the character spot (we only want to meet Mickey), now that it’s no longer a FP option? TP is predicting quite long waits all day https://touringplans.com/epcot/attractions/epcot-character-spot/wait-times/date/2019-11-18 unless we go first thing in the morning or at the end of the night (we don’t plan on being there at either of those times).

My question is- are these wait times based on there also being FPs available? So if there are no FPs available, the waits should be lower? I’m a bit confused whether TP has taken that into account yet or not.

The next set of updates to TP is coming 10/03/19. I’d wait & see how that update adjusts CL / waits. TP didn’t get good data during the last week of Aug / first 10 days of Sept because of the irregularities of SWGE opening / EEMH / Hurricane Dorian. So, they are behind in their work . They are trying to get up-to-date data and putting it all in the next update


One advice for Character spots is to get a “Chase Disney Visa.”
The points/rewards suck, but pay for your trip with the card and get 6 months no interest.

More importantly to this discussion … Chase Disney Character Spots in Epcot and HS … for people who show the card only. At Epcot, the characters change, so no guarantee that it will be Mickey. May need to stop in a few times … but NO WAITING. Our first stop was Mickey and Goofy. 2nd time in (next day) was Minnie and Pluto. A photopass photographer is there.

At HS, Chase Character spot is Darth Vader, no waiting. Still in Launch Bay with the others. In our visit we got a stern lecture from Vadar how “helping The Resistance could be detrimental for us.” It was cool.


This is 100% true! It’s one of the few reasons I have a Disney Visa.

You do get 15% off VIP tours too. (Not just the “private” tours)

wait, do you get 15% off the private tours?!

I probably shouldn’t have used the word “just” - I should have omitted that word. I was trying to say the discount is good for the group VIP tours, like “Ultimate”.

It was about 5 minutes before I left work for the day. I was sloppy with my syntax, (Plus, I’m from TN - so it’s my southern accent written out!) :crazy_face:

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nothing to apologize for!! Your syntax did get my planning wheels in high gear, but it’s fine!

Yes, the discount does apply to the group tours. DVD and AP also applies.

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