EPCOT Character Meets

Wondering if anybody can verify the difference between a character meet in WS that is scheduled to run for a certain time (e.g., 4:30 to 5:15) versus one that is listed on the schedule with just a set time (e.g., 5:15). The first one makes sense because there is a set start and end time. Am I right in thinking that the latter one begins at the time stated, but the end time is flexible depending on how many people are in line to see the character? Any general rule as to how long they typically stay out? Will the CM cut off the end of the line at some point, but everybody in line gets to see the character? I am asking because the little ones want to see a couple of characters that are scheduled to appear in different countries at the same time. Hoping we can be in line early for the first one and then hurry over to the next country for the second one. Thank you!

The non-masked characters seem to be a bit more flexible in how long they are out. I think as a general rule Disney tries to keep full masked figures (Donald, Mickey etc) only out for a short time but will bring them out more frequently. Those costumes must be pretty hot and nothing bursts the Disney magic bubble like seeing Donald pass out in Mexico. I would suggest asking the handler if they know how long a certain character might be out. The CM handlers will cut off the line at a certain point so just be aware that just because you still see the character out with a line doesn’t mean the line is still open.

Thanks jdeer76! Do you have any thoughts on the odds of us being able to see, for example, Snow White in Germany and Aurora in France if they are both scheduled to appear at the same time (say, 5:20), assuming we are near the front of the line for the first character meet? I would prefer to linger in the different countries, but I know the wee ones want to see characters. Husband and I might go back another night to do things at a more leisurely pace.

I’m sorry I really just am not sure. I do know both Aurora and Snow White appear in Magic Kingdom as well. in case you get one and not the other in Epcot if you’re visiting MK could get the other there.

Thank you!

It’s tough to plan for character meets in World Showcase, because you don’t know ahead of time how long lines will be and when they’ll be cut off (if the character is taking a break, then the CM with them may stop letting people get in line at a certain time). Generally, on a busy day it’s best to be in line before the character actually shows up, but that requires a lot of planning (to know where the meeting spots are and what the character schedules are)

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Thank you! Sounds like we should just take it easy and catch whatever characters happen to work out. I don’t want to make us all nuts running from one country to the next, just to see a character. Thanks so much for sharing your insight.

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