Epcot character meets before worldshow case opens

Under normal circumstances, are the characters around at World Showcase before its official opening of 11:00 a.m ? Can you walk around the showcase before 11:00?
If you cannot, how do you access rides like Remy which is in France? What time do rides like Remy start?

I think World Showcase opens at the same time as Futureworld now.

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Do you know at what time they open? Thanks!

Since re-opening after the Covid shutdown, EP opens all sections at the same time. You can check hours for the EP characters here: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/en_CA/entertainment/epcot/#/character-experiences/sort=alpha/ . For example, today’s times, it looks like characters start meeting a short while after opening, such as 9:00 for Alice, 9:30 Belle, or 9:45 Anna/Elsa (EP opens at 8:30, early entry at 8:00).

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