Epcot Character greeting

I didn’t realize until recently that you can meet some of the Disney characters at various spots around the world at Epcot. My girls are super excited to meet some of them, such as Mulan and Jasmine. However, I couldn’t seem to find any info on how crowded/popular this is going to be, as these seem to be different from the other character greetings (I guess they only come out at certain times?..). We’re going the first week in June and it looks like it’s going to be pretty crowded then.
Could anyone describe what we should anticipate or give any tips on how to navigate this?
Thanks so much!

I HIGHLY recommend a subscription to Kenny the Pirate’s Character Locator website for this very reason.

My personal tips:

Get a times guide while you are waiting on RD.

Show up to the character’s anticipated location 15ish minutes before they are scheduled to arrive.

Have your camera, autograph books (turned to the appropriate page) and pen at the ready.

If you wait until the time they show up, your wait will be much longer.

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We just visited some of the characters in the World showcase last week. I would agree with getting in line about 15-20 minutes before a set. Kenny the Pirate’s site was very helpful. I would also be on the lookout for characters that are out randomly. We saw Mary Poppins in the UK at a time not listed on Kenny or the Disney websites. She did not have a photo pass photographer with her, but you could take your own photos and she would sign autographs.

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Thanks so much! I didn’t know about the Kenny the Pirate site before, so that’s very helpful. I’m definitely hopeful for the random encounter, too:)

For anyone else that doesn’t know about Kenny, for every character he has interaction tips including funny questions to ask.