Epcot Changes and the Character Spot

I am helping a friend plan her trip in September (9/13 to 9/19). I was doing a touring plan and noticed the Character Spot is no longer listed for FP+.
Is this correct? And is it due to all of the changes at Epcot and the characters being temporarily relocated?
Anyone know where Mickey, Minnie and Goofy will be in Mid-September?

Thank you!

Yes, as of Sept 8th, the meet & greets will be moving. No mention yet about FPs.

This summarises all the changes happening around September:

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Bad news for Baymax fans, this is on the WDW website:

“As part of the ongoing transformation to Epcot, Character Greetings with Baymax is scheduled to close later this year.”


And also it looks like both Joy and Sadness are going too:

“As part of the ongoing transformation of Epcot, Character Greetings with Joy and Sadness is scheduled to close later this year.”


This. Is. Terrible.

(Like theme park terrible; not real life terrible.)

We are huge Baymax and Joy fans.


thank you @Nickysyme!

:frowning: I was really looking forward to a Ba-la-lah fistbump with Baymax next year


I thought I read somewhere else that for Baymax/Joy/Sadness it was just the location that is closing, but the characters would be relocated - I wish I could remember where I saw this but if I remember I will post! My BF and I are going in two weeks and are doing MNSSHP for the first time as Joy and Bing Bong, I desperately want to see Joy while I’m…Joy!

Initially they did say Joy was relocating. Baymax wasn’t mentioned.

But the website now says “closing”. Maybe it’ll be temporary until new meeting points are ready, like the Play Zone in the Wonders of Life pavilion.