Epcot - Can't Miss Attractions

I need Liners help on creating a touring plan for Epcot! First note as most of the family have dietary restrictions so we are not focusing on Food and Wine. We have a FP for Test Track and need to meet Mary Poppins and Belle or see their shows…whichever they do in Epcot. Lastly, we will rope drop Soarin.

What are must do’s in Epcot?? Thanks!

Must dos for US in no particular order:

Mission Space
Living with the Land
Test Track
Spaceship Earth

Like to do:
The Seas
Movie in China
Watching the jumping fountains, etc

And of course, tour the World Showcase in general

Universe of Energy is gone, or else that would be on the list as well

I’m glad you chimed in @ryan1 since I believe you are the one who guilted me into going to Epcot in the first place. When I booked the trip, it wasn’t in the plan. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so glad you did! I think all your suggestions are on my list. I will add China though. Thank you!!

Belle meets in France and Mary Poppins meets in the UK.

Although it’s old, Impressions de France is a great movie too. The American Adventure is also excellent (as well as the Voices of Liberty).

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Thanks! I have the showtimes down in my notes so I’m sure not to miss them. What is the American Adventure about? I can also look it up. Thanks!

I’d like to say do Soarin and TT two times each.
The jumping fountains are awesome in a “Dammit, we’ve been here for 15 minutes already?” way. Lol - I love the jumping fountains.
JAMMITORS!!! (Wok this way!!! - tee hee)
Chinese Acrobats.
Any of the “street shows” that sound interesting to you. Great way to have a chill afternoon if you’ve woken up early to beat the crowds in FW.


This. Impressions might be the most beautiful film in all of WDW, and AA is a MUST see, at least once (it’s an every time must see for me).


What are the ages in your family? My DD loved Turtle Talk when she was younger.

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I might have fallen asleep during the American Adventure when I saw it, but I think it was more due to the heat and time of day. The show is quite lovely. Here are my list of Epcot “Must Do”:

Voices of Liberty (as many times as I can watch them because the set list varies)
Spaceship Earth
Living with the Land
The store in Japan
The Caramel shop in Germany
The live music throughout the World Showcase

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Kids are almost 13 and almost 10. Phew, got at least 1 child pricing. I’m worried about the older one being bored at WS while dd and I are watching the MP and Belle shows.

Thanks for all the feedback! So much to do in WS!!!

The American Adventure is a stage show of sorts with animatronic Ben Franklin & Mark Twain. It’s a history lesson basically, but done so well. The theater has been refurbed since we last went but even before that it was in pretty great shape. They may have just updated the movie in the refurb. One thing I hope they’ve amended is the inclusion of Lance Armstrong. (Hope I’m thinking of the right show here).

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mine are 9&10 love soarin, test track, Nemo(still), no longer turtle talk, spaceship Earth because the humor mom, Agent P they could do 1000 times, Serveur Amusant and Chinese acrobats, caramel shop in Germany and nachos at Mexico. Haven’t done Frozen as there is always a line and they don’t love the movie now.


Take Note; Have your camera ready when meeting Mary Poppins. There are no park photographers taking pictures. Something to do with the fact that Mary Poppins is copyright protected.

And I think the same applies to Terk (From Tarzan) in Animal Kingdom.


Dd and DH would definitely be interested in that! I checked out The Voices of Liberty and am so impressed. Definitely need to do that!


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Thank you, I definitely will!

I’m 90% certain that he was removed; there were a lot of changes made to the video montage during “Golden Dream”…

my 5 & 7 yo both loved Nemo because of the huge aquarium. The ride in my opinion is outdated but ok considering we waited for 5 minutes, but the aquarium was impressive. I have to admit that I didn’t even know it existed, it was our last stop for the date but the kids spent an hour there


I should state that due to the F&W festival making the World Showcase unbearable our last visit, we didn’t do a lot of the World Showcase (even though we had a day dedicated to it). As such, I’m sure there are other things in the WS that would recommend, including American Adventure, etc., as others have stated. The fact that I didn’t previously mention it doesn’t mean, by any stretch of the imagination, that we DON’T recommend it…only that we haven’t experienced it recently enough TO recommend it. Hope that’s clear.

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Thanks for all the great suggestions! I would probably miss some of these if not for your input.