Epcot Behind the Seeds

We just returned from our big trip (once in a decade for us!). My son, daughter and I did the DiveQuest experience at Epcot, and while we were on the dive, the rest of our party did the Behind the Seeds tour.

From what they said, it was well worth it. My mother gushed about the CM who led the tour, saying how interesting it was. Every single person liked the tour. Their party consisted of my parents (mid-70s), my husband, our non-SCUBA kids (boy girl twins age 17, and our youngest daughter age 10.)

Before the tour, we all went on the Land ride. That was a great primer, and you could see people in the back of the greenhouse who were on a previous tour. They all looked interested and it definitely made our party more curious to go on the tour.

I set up the tour for them based on nothing but great reviews I’ve read about this tour, and so they all had no expectations. I thought my parents and my 17 y.o. daughter would enjoy it, at least. They all seemed to really enjoy it after all.

It was awesome that it was scheduled for the afternoon because there was a crazy thunderstorm and the Land pavilion is a nice place to be in case of a thunderstorm.

I’m sorry that I don’t really have more detail about the tour, since I didn’t go on it, but the kids still talk about it and my mother said it was “excellent”, for what it’s worth!

I plan to go on it if it’s still being held next time I make it out to the World!!

It was $25 per person but they do offer the 10% (I believe) discount for using your Disney Visa to book. It was really reasonably priced for a hour-long backstage tour, in my opinion. It’s a good value.


Thanks for this information!!

As much as I bemoan everything Disney is changing, this tour has been around a long time and is still one of the best add-on experiences for the time and money invested. I can’t imagine they would get rid of it. Worse case scenario, they turn it into a dessert party and charge three times as much.

Seriously, though, I’m glad your family enjoyed it as much as we did.


I’ve been on it twice - it’s a touch different each time, and, IMO, totally repeatable. Glad your family loved it!

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It is also nice that it can be booked day of (maybe only can be booked day of) so you don’t need to know 6 months in advance. For us it was a nice “taste” of what a tour can be without a monster time/$ investment.

I really liked it - my son - then around 12 was less thrilled with it, but he’s not exactly a green thumb. His slightly older cousin loved it…

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