Epcot, and me- awesome since 1982. Now with MVMCP recap

They are not. That was on the app for a bit but was removed. I read somewhere the theory that it was probably someone not proof reading the page after it was edited from last year’s Christmas themed After Party.


Happy Thanksgiving! We are back at my parent’s. But I’m currently finishing off my coffee cake cookie with my coffee. It felt appropriate, and it was very tasty.

We plan to make it over to the beach this weekend so I’ll post some pictures since the topic of beaches in this area came up recently.


The beach is surprisingly quiet today. We’re at Pine Island Park which is in Hernando County. The parking area does fill up on busy days in the summer but parking is close to the beach, there’s a great playground, snack bar and bathroom/changing facilities. The water is calm which is great for kids.


This is a little more off the beaten path but we were in Homosassa today. They have a great little state park

There are native animals who are rescues including manatees, alligators, all kinds of birds, a bear, fox, panther and then a hippo who is a holdover from when the park was a roadside attraction of exotic animals.

Then we had a nice early dinner at Crumps Landing on the river, got a table right by the playground so we could relax while the kids were entertained. It’s a really nice spot if you ever find yourself in that area!