Epcot 80's Attraction

I have memories of being called on stage with a group of other kids to assist with a science experiment. I seem to remember it taking place in some type of theater. It happened sometime between 1983-1986. The lady had us all do some type of tug of war on these discs that were stuck together. They could only be separated if the force was equal on both sides of the discs. I’m pretty sure this attraction is long gone, but it would be nice to remember more about it.

Can’t help…but check out this, if you haven’t…might help.


I don’t remember that, but sounds like something that could’ve been in Communicore.

Send your question to the folks at the Retro WDW podcast - https://www.retrowdw.com/ . If they don’t know the answer they’ll often ask podcast listeners and their Twitter followers if anyone remembers an old attraction. Someone else almost always does!