Epcot 40th

I am thinking of taking my son for just a long weekend trip first weekend in Oct, but was just reminded it will be Epcot’s 40th Anniversary on the 1st. I’ve never paid attention to crowd levels for other parks outside of MK during anniversaries, is there reason to believe it will be a mad house? We can avoid Epcot on that day, just concerned that weekend in general could be a nightmare.

In the past I think the crowds have been focused on exclusive merchandise.

EP will be a mad house due to possible special maps/buttons/or something.

Make your APR today if you want to be at EP on 10/1 for the 40th.

Ugg. Ok Thanks. I would totally avoid EP on the 1st, I am ok with crowds, not of fan of madhouses. That weekend looked to be the quietest over past years as far as Oct goes. Might have to go back to the drawing board!

The crowds generally will not be at the attractions.Bloggers and merchandise resellers do not go to the attractions. Entering the park will be tough.

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This. From what I heard about the 50th at MK, crowds were insane but attraction lines were really short. Mobile order was a disaster though.

The great thing about EP is that you can go to a booth for food, especially during food and wine!


And MK really seemed was just the first day. Any wiggle room?

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Thanks so much everyone. Would anyone have any ideas on the room situation? I was going to try to grab a DVC villa at the 7 month mark.

Are you a owner, renter, or cash booker?

A renter. I have a friend who is a DVC owner that is going to book for me. But her home resort is Vero beach so I can’t get anything right now.