EPCOT 2-evening strategy to reduce walking

I’m 22 days out :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and struggling with an achilles injury :persevere:. Since EP is so spread out and will be my end-of-day park, I’m working a step-reducing strategy.

I’m thinking I’ll spend my first EP evening (extended hours) focused on rides in WC and the 2nd in the World Showcase. Reasonable approach to reduce walking? Is there something I’m not considering? Other ideas or suggestions?

11/27: Arrive IG (~6 PM-11:30 PM) - LL Remy :crossed_fingers:, ADR 6:50 Shiki-Sai. Head to WC rides, hopefully with an ILL and extended evening hours VQ for GotG.

11/28: Arrive IG, (~5 PM - 9:30 PM) - Focus on the holiday decor and activities/food around WS, ride FEA and GFT

Additional info:
Solo trip and only my 2nd time in WDW
Staying at the Swan
2 park hopping days (AK6-EP6 & MK2-EP5), bookended by two party nights
Will use G+LL and ILL

If it’s similar to previous years, most of the Holidays Around the World stops by about 6pm.

If you want to catch any of the story tellers or Voices of Liberty you might need to be there earlier.

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You can try for a VQ for GotG at 7:00 a.m., and you can go any time after your BG is called, even hours later! That, plus an ILL and the VQ for the deluxe EEH will let you ride it as many as 3 times that day.

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Good information! I didn’t even think about this possibility. Thanks!

Given the new information that EP World Showcase activities will likely wrap up around the time I was planning to arrive, I am considering switching to HS that night. My only other HS will be at Jollywood Nights, the following day. So this would allow me to enjoy some must-do rides the night before the party.

Then, I have 1PM entry ticket for Saturday 12/2. Maybe a better time to enjoy the WS? It will also be my last day at WDW. Worried EP be crazy on the 2nd Saturday of the Festival of the Holidays, but maybe this would be the case at any of the parks. Predicted CL 6 for all but HS with a CL 8.

Not really a question here, just my late evening ramblings as I realize I’m just 20 days out and need to get my act together :blush:

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You should seriously consider renting an ECV. Even if you just get the ones inside the park. I think you’ll have a better time being in less pain. And better memories going home having not aggravated it further


If you had planned on walking to EP and HS, think about the boats instead. I stayed a week at the Dolphin and the walks to and from the parks somehow got longer as the days went on. (And I don’t flinch at a 28K-steps day.)

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I agree renting an ECV is a good option. I am also dealing with an Achilles injury and it almost ruined my trip in October. Day one I walked in EPCOT and I was miserable by the time we left the park. Day 2 I rented an ECV at EPCOT and it was a lifesaver. When I wanted to walk around a particular country’s pavilion, I looked for stroller parking and parked it there. I walked around and did what I wanted. Then, I rode it to the next location I wanted to explore. It allowed me rest my Achilles, but still enjoy the full experience. You can rent in any park and when you park hop, you show your receipt to the CM at the rental area of the other park and they will get you set up. $70 dollars a day including a $20 refundable deposit. Worth it for sure in my book.

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Definitely this.