Epcot 2/14

Headed to EPCOT today.
Trying to get there early and planning on Uber from Contemporary.

What time do you suggest getting Uber to be there around rope drop?

What’s best to hit first: test track, soarin,
Or frozen?

Our personalized plan says spaceship earth and then frozen

Hope you had a great day!

Using the chat feature here gets answers quicker than forum.

People have been arriving about an hour prior so they can head straight to FEA or TT. TT has longer average wait times than Soarin’ or FEA, so I would listen to see if it’s running and head there.

Here’s the WDW Chat link- http://m.touringplans.com/wdw#_chat_page_1

One thing I’ve learned over the 10 years I’ve been using them is to trust the plan.

I can’t answer your other questions for sure, but I would think you should uber by 10ish to be out front prior to rope drop.

Also, your thread title says 2/14 - if you edit it to today’s date you may get more traffic to help you.