Epcopt planning

Not sure about timing for FEA. Going to Epcot 2/3. Rope drop TT.Mission Space FP 9:45 (I know it’s not needed, just trying to burn fastpasses to be able to get another one later) FEA 11:45. Lunch at Garden Grill 12:30. Nemo FP 2:05. Was thinking of trying to do Soarin’ after that standby, but since it was closed last year I can get an accurate line wait time.
Am I better off ditching Mission Space and doing Soaring right after TT and spending the morning on that side of the park? Maybe moving FEA to mid afternoon? Do MS and SE, on the way out?
Also for GG is 90 minutes a long enough window to eat at a relaxed pace and see the characters? My kids don’t have a real interest in character meals, but thought this would be good since they love Chip and Dale.

This sentence really confuses me. MS and TT are next to each other on one side of FW; Soarin is on the other side of FW, right next to GG, and the Seas is right next to the land. If reducing park crossings is your goal, I’d recommend TT, MS, FEA, GG, Soarin, Nemo as your most efficient order. You’ll have over an hour and a half between MS and FEA; that would be a good time to fir in SE and/or Energy.

I was more interested in reducing wait time. I really don’t want to wait an hour for Soarin. So if I could do TT and then walk at a nice pace to Soaring and only have 30 minute wait, it would be worth at nice stretch of the legs.