EPA - Volcano Bay only?

We are going to universal 4/3. (Park hours 8-6). Universal’s website says early entry is for volcano bay that whole month and not for USF or IOA.

Does this sound right? Or does Volcano Bay always open early and maybe they just have not decided yet whether USF vs IOA is? That feels like wishful thinking though…

It’s certainly possible that both VB AND a dry park will have EE. I think it varies with the time of year. Our last visit was a July and VB and US were open early.

Universal is notorious for waiting until the last minute to publish which park will have EE. Plus, they’ll change their park hours right up to the week of travel. I love USF / IOA, but I dread waking up each morning about a month before my trip because I know I’m going to be getting a notification for TP that Universal’s hours have changed.

Thanks for the warning. I have Plan A of open entry at USG now (per TP’s guestimate it will open early) and Plan B of no early entry at USF or IOA. Sounds like I need a Plan C of early entry at IOA maybe too! :slight_smile:

More often than not USF is the EE park most months. It’s nice to get back into WWOHP before most ppl. Great time for pics!

I’ve not followed it closely, but has IoA had early entry hours since Hagrid’s has opened? I think since last June USF is the dry park with early entry.

Yes. IOA has had EE on limited days. Here in 2020 it was an option Jan. 1 - 4 and Feb. 1 & 2.

Like I mentioned, USF is usually the EE park.