EP vs AK for a second visit

We are (hopefully :crossed_fingers:t3:) heading to WDW in December. We will be there the 16-23. We have 2 MK, 2 HS, 1 AK, and 1 EP days planned. We want to add another day to either EP or AK. Which would you want 2 days at?

My travel party will be me, DH, DS13 (HS is a priority), DD8, and DS3. If AK had there shows up by then, it would be easier to pick AK but as it stands, it seems like EP would have more for DS3 to do (especially because he is tall enough to do Soarin’ but not FoP). On our last trip we did 2 days at AK since we were staying at AKL. This trip we are staying at CBR.

I’m always team AK. The shorter hours make it even moreso for me. Also EP is a construction zone at the moment; I would ordinarily say it could easily be a 2 day park but the way it is right now I’d be inclined to keep it to 1.


Team Epcot for me. We always wish we had more time at Epcot. Same isn’t true for us with AK.

Trouble is, it is very subjective. But consider this. You may be able to change your decision last minute as park reservations go. Book one of the two, but after you finish up EP and AK, if you decide to change to the other park, just check to see if there are park reservations left. You can then drop the other park and book the preferred one. This way the decision is based on your experiences, and not our subjective (and contradictory!) opinions.


I have read that for onsite guests park reservation availability is wide open every day for all parks

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I would actually reserve a third day at HS and preferably have a park hopper (wait… are they only available starting January?) The reason being if you are only able to do ROTR once out of the two days, and would like to try for a boarding group one more time. Tough decision though with the big age differences. To answer your question, My family prefers AK over EP.

But like what was stated, you could hopefully change your park reservation the day before. Since HS may be booked full many days ahead, I think it’s a good idea to add HS for a third day. And if you are able to get BGs your first two days at HS, AK and EP would most likely have availability one day ahead.

They are selling hoppers but have released no plans around when they will re-implement that as an option to actually do

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AK unless there is a festival you want to spend a lot of time at.

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In Dec, I like EP better than AK. Holiday decorations are better. Assuming they can have storytellers (since WDW and Equity reached agreement), it is very tough to see all the storytellers and entertainment in just one day. If they have the Festival of Holidays, there will be several food booths at EP.

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For December, I’d do Epcot assuming the storytellers are there.

Under normal circumstances I would say Epcot, but it is a mess right now. FW is a big construction zone and the WS is just sad at the moment (many stores and restaurants closed).

For our family (including DD12, DD10 and DS5) we would choose a second day at EP over AK. It is a tough call, but EP beats out AK slightly for us.

I’m with those that would pick another MK or HS day. AK has the Safari, NRJ, EE, TS and that’s about it other than shows and animals that’s ok for young kids, right? EP has FEA, TT, Soarin, LWTL, Figment, SE, Nemo, and Ratatouille if it’s open. I think it would depend on if your bigger kids want to do FOP a lot and of DS3 likes animals. If your bigger kids will want to do FOP a million times and DS3 is good with lots of animal time I’d do AK. If not then I’d pick EP as it has more for little kids AND big kids. I would make sure to make either your second AK or EP day either arrival or departure day, though, because I don’t think there’s enough in either of those right now to fill two whole park days.

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That’s a great idea!