EP TP/world showcase with young kids?

Trying to figure out how much time I might want to allocate to the world showcase during our 3/3/16 visit to Epcot. It will be myself, DH, DS5, and DD3.
My kids are just as happy walking around/exploring as they are on attractions so I don’t have any doubt that they will like walking through the “countries”. My TP gives me a good idea how long we would spend in future world but I’m not sure about the rest of Epcot?

We will probably take advantage of EMH the day we are there and then take a long break after lunch - then come back to EP for dinner and illuminations.

I would do the Agent P adventure in World Showcase with your kids. It is fun and you can explore the country or countries on a scavenger hunt which makes them a little more kid friendly.

You could spend a whole day in World Showcase or just a couple of hours depending on how in depth you want to explore. Pick a show or two in the countries that looks interesting, try a couple of snacks, etc.

When I took my kids, I bought them a passport book :slight_smile: They enjoyed going to each of the countries, putting the stickers on them and doing the KidKot Fun Spot activities :slight_smile: The passport book I bought them gave them a chance to visit each country and learn fun things. Some even wrote their name in the language :slight_smile:

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Flower and Garden will be in full swing so allow time to look at the displays (I love the princesses) and sample food from the booths!

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@egkleinmann, I agree with @LaurenB. Agent P adventure is a lot of fun! You can do just one country, or pick and choose more as time allows.

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There is a “hedge” maze in back of United Kingdom Pavillion. The Winnie the Pooh meet here is great. There are several Meets around the Pavillions! There is a train set running in front of German Pavillion. There are many short movies with large screens to keep attention. I would rather have more than ten minutes per Pavillion, like TP hard codes and does not allow to edit. 20 minutes per Pavillion may be too much if you are not doing anything but looking and walking really slow through the grounds and stores. If you stop for kiosks, that is 5 minutes alone. My kids need an hour at Japan Pavillion.

I vote for Kidcot in every Pavillion, kids get a stick fan for arts and crafts stations in every Pavillion.

My kids liked AgentP, between 7 and 10. They need to use the handheld device, read and listen, and decipher a clue or two. You might be helping and leading this expedition with a 3 year old.

Around age ten, we did the passport. Kids should be able to write their name in order to enjoy how it is written in other languages. My kids have two passports now, cool souvenirs.

Pressing coins is really fun at your kids ages. I have a book with slots that hold coins. Each Pavillion has the machines.

How much are the pressing coin machines at Epcot and where did you get the coin book? Neat idea!

I believe they are .51 cents :slight_smile: 2 quarters and a penny. One thing they talk about is getting one of the M&M plastic tubes and putting 2 quarters and a penny all they way to the top, that way when you see a machine it’s ready to go :smile:

This is old, but does give you an idea of how much of a easier treasure hunt this coin pressing can be: http://www.parkpennies.com/disney-pennies-wdw/wdw-penny-press-machine-maps.pdf

It look like this blog is kept up to date: http://www.presscoins.com/news/newsblog.php

Great ideas! Thanks!
Yes, @IMMommyDearest, I think that 10 minutes would be way too little time. We are all explorers and my kids are surprisingly into the details - even though they are still very young. I appreciate that they enjoy taking their time as opposed to darting from one attraction to the next - something I’m sure will change when they get older! :slight_smile: