EP touring plan question

We are visiting EP on a non-emh predicted CL6 day. We have a PPO ADR @ GG and plan to be among the first on Soarin. Immediately after we will be heading to FEA and then the Ana/Elsa M&G.

My question is this…What time would you say we should be walking out of the M&G?

What time is your adr? I feel like they always take longer than i think send i am rarely finished before the park actually opens unless the adr is almost exactly 8. That said, you will walk on soarin and through the meet send greet so i wouldn’t think it would be any time except ride time and walking time.

That’s very unusual. Most people report that they are fine eating and waiting outside Soarin well before park opening.

@OlafsDad have you done a TP?

As long as your ADR is a PPO one, you can be there for 8am and be seated straight away. They actually seat people based on arrival time. So even if the ADR is for 8:45 you could be finished by then if you arrive at the park early enough to enter with the PPO crowd at 7:45 ish.

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Not yet. Wasnt sure how to factor the PPO ADR > Soarin into the actual plan seeing im planning to be completed with those 2 hopefully by 9:15am. I guess i could start my TP off by adding a break from 9:00-9:15 and labeling it “PPO Soarin” or sometning like that

ADR is for 8:30am but we are aware of seating based on arrival and plan to be at gate @ 7:30-7:45

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You should be on it by 8.45-50, I’d do it with a break from 9.10.

I’m doing something similar and my TP has me in line for Soarin at 9:02 after my GG PPO. Very cool that it instinctively knows I’m already in the door and ready to go. Love TP!

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