EP or AK

So for a slimly possible trip at the start of July - only doing three parks. Would you do Epcot or AK.

I had originally thought Epcot because we would’ve been traveling during flower and garden. However now with no festival and the likelihood that SE will be closed already I’m considering doing AK instead.

From the FPP strategy side I’m thinking I should book the AK fast passes since those are likely harder to get. If I did switch to Epcot I don’t anticipate too much trouble making that switch later in the game.


I vote AK. Right now, who knows what Epcot will look like when it reopens…

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Hopper tickets.
I like the AK rides, and I love the lion king show. But other than that, it’s not anywhere near a full day park for me. That’s just me, tho. If the Epcot street shows were back, I’d want hoppers even more. I’d entertain the thought of AK in the am, then hopping to EP.

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Ugh wish I could hop but unfortunately not an option for this quick trip.

I think I’m leaning that way - with world showcase being such a big part of EP it is just a huge wild card for how they will handle it

Normally, I’d say Epcot for sure. We like Epcot much more than AK.

However, for July? I think there are several unknowns…and I have this feeling that Epcot will be the last of the four parks Disney will open in the phased openings. Plus, with all the on-going construction, I just doubt it will give the same feels as it otherwise would.

Regarding SE? I doubt they will close it now. In fact, due to the significant losses they’ve been experiencing, I wouldn’t be surprised if the refurbishment is put on indefinite hold. When looking at ways for them to cut costs in the short term, I think SE is probably on the top of the list. (Nothing official about that…just a gut feeling.)


Okay all of this. Yes. And good point about SE refurb.

So I’m thinking if I plan for AK because it is more likely to be a bit more out together, then I’m set up for the park that I think takes a bit more advance prep.

If I do get to switch to EP, pending what EP looks like (if it is open), I don’t anticipate too much trouble making the switch. EP I think can be done in the fly fairly easily.


First, it’s my favorite

Second, Epcot FW is a disaster with construction

Third, I’m concerned about the impact of restricted international travel on WS staffing leading to a poor experience.


We originally were doing 3 park days as well. We chose to skip AK but I was starting to question it. But then they came out with the 4-park magic ticket, which was a small increase to the 3-day ticket. So now we are back to doing all 4 parks. I suggest crunching the numbers on the 4-park magic ticket (each park 1 day).

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They just did away with them :frowning: otherwise I’d do it at this point. We originally opted not to because of our first day plans, but that would be ideal if it was still an option at this point

Noooo!!! I’m sorry to hear that. Who does your group consist of? That may make help in choosing. We chose EP over AK because of 2 die-hard Frozen fans. We are animal lovers but we are members of our local zoo. Also, AK has less rides for the littles. Our group contains two 2yo boys and two 5yo girls. We like to experience rides mostly. If your group is older, the WS can be a big highlight, especially for foodies.

Well I booked FPPs this morning. I decided to book AK because I could get decent (relative with the FPP mess) times for KS, EE and NRJ. All booked between 11 and 4 - not ideal, but at EP the earliest TT or FEA was like 5pm.

I did see that SE was listed as FPP not available. It was the “FastPass+ Service unavailable” message not the “There are no more FastPass+ times for this experience, but standby may be available.” So it looks like they intend to have it offline.

One step closer, and at least I have a fun game to play while try to modify and snag some tier 1s. Time will tell if I get to use any of it :slight_smile:


We went in November and the amount of construction did not make our EP day pleasant.

On the other hand, we spend the entire day at AK and we loved it. I don’t understand why people say is a 1/2 day park. We saw the Finding Nemo show, walked a couple of trails, danced with the performers, bought interesting souvenirs, saw the River of Light show at the end. Finished our day ay Tiffins–superb dining. This was our favorite park.

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I don’t have to make my FP till end of July but I am also worried about Epcot not being open when we go in Sept. That’s one of the main reasons we extended our trip because of F&W. If it’s not open we will spend the day at AK. I already made a dinner ADR at Y&Y just in case. There are only 2 of us and we only want to ride Soarin at Epcot, so if we don’t have a definitive answer about Epcot by then I will try for AK FP and switch them up if it opens.

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If I had to chose only one (and no park hopping), I would go to AK. We love the rides (most of them), Pandora is awesome (especially at night), the rest of the theming is also top notch, and we spend a good amount of time on the animal trails. We haven’t eaten at Tiffins yet, but will next time - which will hopefully be Dec 2020???

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It’s all just personal preference. I like AK, but not for the same reasons you do. One factor is that I live a stone’s throw from a world class zoo. I’ve been to that zoo so many times, it’s like walking around my backyard. We used to go to the zoo on rainy days, or just on any random nice day, just to go walking around for an hour or two. Yearly passes for 8 years, I can mime the words of the guy announcing the dolphin show. I know how to time a photo of when the big dolphin finale happens and 5 dolphins will be at the height of their leaps. I know where the big gorilla goes to hide. I know when lion feeding time is. We go to the zoo on New Years eve when it’s 0 degrees out because they have an awesome party. Totally not bragging in any way, shape or form, but I’m setting up this statement: We can go to AK, not do any trails, OR the safari, OR want to see any animals, and really not have any regrets. I asked the fam if they wanted to try the Savor the Savannah tour last trip, and you know the response I got? “Those tour vehicles are way too bumpy.” Spoiled, spoiled, spoiled. Conversely, we love FOP, Everest, Dinosaur, and the river rapids. (I secretly like to giggle in ITTBAB, when parents have to rush screaming scared kids out - it happens EVERY time - tee hee) Also, Lion King, Flame Tree’s ribs, and a Dole Whip are mandatory. Just not a full day for us. OTOH, we LOVE Hollyweird, even back when GE was under construction, and TS Land wasn’t open. Back when everyone said there was nothing to do there. LOVE Hollyweird. We usually spend three 1/2 days there (We use hoppers.)

You’re not wrong, I’m not right - just personal preference.

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A lot of what you say is true.


Say this part with me: Animal Kingdom is not a zoo

(I feel better now)



You’ve never been there on an EMH day during spring break. :rofl:

No, it is definitely not a zoo, but, we have no interest in seeing animals or going on any trails.

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AK for me and the family any month, any year!