EP necessary with 4YO and 7YO in June?

We are planning to be at UOR next June 15 & 16 (crowd level 8 both days) with DS4 and DS7 who are HP fans. Is it worth it to spend the extra $ to stay at a Deluxe resort to get the EP for those days?

Depends on what you plan to do. Look at rides you want to do and their wait times over the next few days. I’ve done both on and off site at uni and the exp pass does make a big difference more so now my kids are older 13/10 last visitWe got so many more repeats of favs with exp pass. 1night gets exp pass for both check in and check out days and if you can afford it I would stay on site at one of the 3 hotels that fo comp exp pass.
However wwohp isn’t very exp pass friendly and you don’t need it for shows or younger kids rides if money is tight you can have a very good time w/o exp pass. Mx

I was thinking we might stay at UOR but at the Cabana Bay Beach and save some money if we decide to forego the EP.

YMMV, but if my DS5 had to wait in June heat in ANY ride, we’d all be miserable. We loved using the EP for so many things, it was more than worth it for us to stay at RPR. But we did a split stay:

3 nights at Royal Pacific got us Express Pass for three days we were at Universal. It’s good until closing of the day you check out.
On day 3 we moved from Royal Pacific to Cabana Bay for 3 nights (Universal moved our bags for us to Bell Services at Cabana Bay), and when we were done at the parks, we just went to Cabana Bay to get our bags and head to our room.
Day 4 we went to Legoland, Day 5 we spent at the pools at Cabana Bay and rented a Cabana. We could easily have spent one more day at the Universal parks without an EP and still had plenty to do, but by that time we’d used the EP for all the stuff that really needed it.

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That would get you Early entry which is normally 7 am in june and gives a good start in wwohp. Uni"s cancellation policy is really good full refund until about 7 days out you pay 1 night deposit. So if you have the funds you could book both just now and cancel what you don’t want neare the time. The delux hotels prices only increase and discounts are pretty non existent these days.
You should price up different options inc the possibility of buying exp pass for 1day for 1 adult and your 7 year old. The 3 year old will be happy doing Seuss stuff and et etc.
You will enjoy it no matter what you do. The wwohp is so different from anything I have ever experienced. There is a free ebook on the tp website about it.

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Last year, we took our first trip to Universal with DSs 4, 7 and 10 in late June/early July. We stayed at RPR to get free EP. I feel it was VERY worth it. The crowds weren’t terrible, but some of the waits were quite long and EP kept our waits low and our children happy. I totally understand budget concerns, but if you can do it, do it! It even saved us lots of time on kid rides.

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Thanks rebeecky. How were DS4 & 7 on the Harry Potter rides? Were they too scary?

Funny story. DS7 cried at the very beginning of Forbidden Journey. By the end, he loved it, and went on it 3 more times during our trip. DS4 was super excited to be tall enough to go on EFG. He did okay on the ride, but when it was over, he looked at me and said “I am NEVER going on that ride again!” DS4 was not tall enough for FJ. I think for both rides it will depend on how fearless your children are. I consider both of mine to be pretty fearless, but apparently EFG did the four year old in.

You just never know, do you?

You certainly do not!