EP EMH before Morning at HS?

Has anyone out there done this–morning EMH at EP from 8 to 9, then to HS for 9 am FPP? (which realisitically will get on around 9:45 or so). Our goal would be to use EP EMH to ride Soarin and TT, then jet to HS. Will it make the morning too hectic?

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I haven’t done it personally, but I’ve read that it’s a 20 minute walk between parks, so I think 2 rides and then hopping is good. And you’re leaving yourself plenty of time to get there. I’d stop in France for QS breakfast to go too! :yum:


Yes, it would be a hectic morning, but some people like Hectic.

If you arrived at Epcot Rope drop at 7 am you could be among the first 100 for test track at 8:00, get to Soarin by 8:15, and you could get finish Soarin by 8:45 on a crowd level 5 day.

If you don’t get to Epcot until 8:00, you won’t get through TT until 8:40 and not get out of Soarin until 9:15 or so.

Google Maps says 32 minute,1.5 mile walk from Soarin to HS front gate. Probably takes another 10-15 minutes to get to the rides once you get there, depending on the depth of the gate queue when you arrive. So 40-45 minute transit. You could hit your first ride in HS at 9:30 if it goes perfectly. A little bit later if you stop at boardwalk bakery on the way.

However, it might make more sense to consider going back out the Epcot main gate and catch an Uber. So 5-10 minutes to get to the Uber after the last ride, 10-15 minute drive, 10-15 minutes to get to the rides after the drop off. Looking at 25-40 minutes total transit depending on traffic. Saves a little time and a lot of walking. You could hit your first ride in HS at 9:15 if it goes perfectly. Probably takes 10-15 minutes longer in the real world.

Don’t take the boat between the resorts if you are in a hurry. That takes forever. Lots of long stops.


Oh wow, thanks so much for this! That is super helpful, next-level liner unlocked stuff. :slight_smile: Your last point is a good one and we should prob decide whether we want to be at EMH by 7 (and if so, go for it), and if not, maybe just do HS first and try to get some SDFPP later in the day for an EP evening.

We did this in May, but entered from the IG, which I think is a little less crowded than the main entrance to EPCOT. It worked out just fine, taking Uber from the main entrance when we were done.

EPCOT is huge. If you’re doing Future World, you’re pretty far from the boats or the walkway to DHS, so don’t go that way. On paper it’s about a 20 minute walk IG to DHS, but you aren’t starting out at the IG, you’re at TT. Best to go via the main entrance.

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Thanks! Do you remember approximately what was your timing on arriving at IG, rides arrival, and then arriving at HS?

I think that your timing of one hour and 45 minutes should work. The family rode TT and I rode Soarin, then we did MS. So that might be a little bit faster than TT & Soarin’. But we didn’t rush, either.

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