EP Day 3 (Day 9 of 10 - 9/15/19)

Quick stats:

  • 10 ppl in group. 2 adults + 8 kids (17yo - 4yo)
  • Off site guest
  • RD - 6pm touring plan

Here is what we did:

  1. Soarin’ RD
  2. FEA - standby - line longer than Day 1 EP, had to wait
  3. Kringla Bakeri - got those norweigans again!
  4. Nemo ride
  5. Turtle Talk
  6. Play at shark/seas pav.
  7. MS
  8. TT
  9. Electric umbrella
  10. tried Cotton Candy artist - i thought this was to watch, but have to pay $ and then it is done
  11. tried Amusant - but bad weather
  12. Agent P france
  13. tried sergio but bad weather
  14. Gran Fiesta - had to wait because ppl inside due to bad weather
  15. Soarin
  16. Jrny Imagination
  17. Desserts at F&W
  18. SSE

A woman in line at the tapstyles tried to cut in front of everyone. I called her out. She was like “I am in line here” I told her she wasn’t. Funny, because she got in line by my family (we were in multiple lines). Any how, she ANGRILY was getting after me about not being nice and started shouting “please don’t touch me sir”. Believe me, I did not even want to touch her. lol. I tried explaining the concept of the line, but she was lying like a rug. I went to my family’s line. She ended up being in a slower line. and started shouting at me after the tapstyles (I got in well before her) (I had to wait back because of MB issues with my son).

I just hope she did not push any kids down on her way. She had done this before you could tell. It was too well scripted, Faux confusion. Defensive/angry from the get-go. I saw here muscle her way up to the front at the 2nd RD with jammitors. It didn’t ruin my day, but man I don’t know what got her feathers all ruffled. Felt sorry for her too. How can you enjoy anything in life with that much anger.