EP Day 1 (Day 2 of 10 - 9/4/19)

Quick stats:

  • 10 ppl in group. 2 adults + 8 kids (17yo - 4yo)
  • Off site guest
  • RD - 6pm touring plan

Here is what we did:

  1. RD Soarin (got row b1 and 2)
  2. FEA x2 - queue was really empty
  3. Mission Space (FPP)
  4. TT (FPP) - closed - converted to anytime FPP
  5. Living w/ Land (FPP)
  6. Sunshine Season meal
  7. TT
  8. Soarin
  9. Crush
  10. Seas Tank explore
  11. Nemo (FPP)
  12. Met Aurora
  13. Jyny Img (FPP)
  14. Image works
  15. Met Belle
  16. Pixar shorts
  17. Club cool
  18. Marachis (non- Coco)
  19. Gran Fiesta Tour
  20. Spaceship Earth

We were approx. the 7th car in the parking lot at 8a for 9am opening. Weather was great, humid of course. Park was really uncrowded due to Dorian impact with flights, etc. Had problem getting thru tapstyles with some of our party. We got in, but were no longer 1st at the 2nd RD with the jammitors. We could still see them and we still some of the first people on Soarin.