Entry time for Merriest After Hours

I know park entry time is officially 7pm for Very Merriest After Hours, but is anyone’s experience that they might let you in a little early (say 6p or 6:30p) for an After Hours event?

You can get in anytime w/ a regular park reservation and ticket, but then they will ask you to check in somewhere in the park to get banded (wrist band). If you don’t have anything but your Party Ticket there’s no way to get in earlier.

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Have we seen this officially? Because with every other party event there has been early entry, typically 1-3hrs before party starts.

The Disney site says you can check in at 7 pm which is 2 hours before the party officially starts. Is that what you mean?

Yes. I misread the original post as party at 7. My mistake - 7 is the early entry.

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Yes, and ppl line up for the ‘early’ entry too. I’ve seen it. blech