Entrance to Universal Orlando when walking?

Never been to Universal and we’ll be walking to Universal from Major Blvd. The walking entrance is after the main security check point from what I gather. Is there a smaller checkpoint at this entrance or will we have to backtrack to the main checkpoint?

I would check your walking route. Security is at entrance to citywalk which is how you will need to enter the resort as far as I know. This is where guests arriving by bus go through security.There is security check points at each hotel boat dock and at each hotel walking path also. Orlando Informer has the best walking routes info which has you entering at citywalk from that direction.

I think that I found my answer. I think that walking entrance is also the entrance for valet parking and has it’s very own security checkpoint.

Valet – Valet at Universal Orlando is available for a flat rate of $15 for less than two hours or $30 for any time over two hours. The valet parking area is separate from the garages and will get you closer to Universal CityWalk entrance with their own security station (so you don’t have to get in the long lines that can form at the regular security bag check area,) and at only about a ten-minute walk to the theme park entrances as opposed to that 15 minute walk if using the other options. Plus, Tesla and Clipper Creek charging stations are now available in the valet parking area to any guests who valet park their electric vehicles.