Entrance to Pandora

Just wondering if there is a separate entrance to get into Pandora for fast pass holders? Or does everyone have to wait in the line to get into the area? Thanks!

Haven’t seen it firsthand yet, but I’ve been checking in on the app (going on June 20 so trying to guess what it will be like), and it seems that, whether or not it is a separate entrance, if you have a Fastpass, that will give you entry to the land if there is a line to get in.

That being said, according to liner chat yesterday, there was no waiting to get into the land - just long lines at the rides. Encouraging to see a little normalcy with the end of the holiday weekend. Hopefully it stays that way despite the start of summer.

Great, thank you!

I’m here now and there haven’t been any issues the last couple days getting into the Pandora area. Lines are long at the attractions and the store. But not seeing the closures that were reported over the holiday/opening weekend.