Entrance choices at Epcot during F&W - wwyd?

It’s been a minute since we’ve been to F&W at Epcot. Had completely blanked to the fact that it’s on during our early Sept visit (thanks SWL)

Plan WAS on Monday afternoon about 4 to visit Canada, UK, France, Japan and Morocco, hitting the KidSpots particularly (and O! Canada - sigh) because: girls 4, 7 & 8 and a couple of granmas that like to color too, and new cards! in a bag! (maybe like to color is understating the situation)

Finishing with supper at Marrakesh. Leave right after supper. Early morning at AK next day.

Besides the 3 girls and two granmas, we have a great granma, great granpa & a dad (both of which don’t care for crowds) and a 12 year old juvenile male ('nuff said). (He’ll probably like Epcot the most - to his surprise)

ANYway, with this crowd, do we wade through Future World - how crowded is it?!? - to get to Canada?

OR do we do some convoluted thing like take the bus to HS (instead of Epcot entrance) and then the boat to the International Gate? Skip Canada and start at UK.

Or would you bail on the whole international thing and go to AK?

I’d even consider arriving about 3 and sampling with the kids some of the foods. They’ve been raised to at least try a bite - the size dad agrees on.

Still keeping the Marrakesh ADR tho.

So just so I understand your question, are you asking with how to start your day at Epcot or end your day? And where are you staying?

We’ll be at MK in the morning. We’re going to Epcot for supper.

I was thinking of walking through Future World, before I recalled F&W. We could bus to HS and take the boat to Epcot’s back door. With 9 people including kids and grandparents it might be easier.

I don’t have a sense of how congested FW will be with booths and festival goers.

In my experience, FW will be fine. It’s WS that gets crowded after 5pm - especially on weekend. The locals all come out on the weekend for F&W.

I agree with this. We were there on a weekend (WS) during F&W. BIG BIG mistake. We started early but by noon, the crowds were unbearable. We eventually decided to leave back through FW, which was almost a ghost town by comparison.

I’m sure, being a Monday, it will be much better…but if you wait to do WS in the evening, I think you will end up with a much larger F&W crowd. You might want to arrive to Epcot earlier in the afternoon so that you can leave as crowds pick up in the evening.


There aren’t really any booths in Future World so that’s not a huge deal. I think you will be fine entering through the front. I also think that it would potentially be faster to walk through Future World than to walk all the way from DHS.

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++ @ryan1 … Same time frame in 2017, the crowd in FW paled in comparison to WS. I actually decided to bounce back to my resort instead of trying to navigate the crowd.

Another option would be to take a bus to Beach Club rather then HS, and walk from there to Epcot’s International Gateway. Slightly less distance than coming thru FW, although the HS boat is enjoyable and does drop you off closer to Epcot’s IG (less total walking). The boat route will be slower however as it makes stops at BC and BW on the way from HS to Epcot. Not to throw out too many ideas :innocent:, but if your crew enjoys the Monorail, that is a relaxing way to get from MK to Epcot, and then enjoy the walk thru FW. Certainly quicker and less convoluted than either the HS or BC routes.

Thanks all!

Apparently visiting World Showcase is doable even Labor Day evening.

I finally thought to check dining reservations for Monday evening. Nearly every country had availability. And there were Eat to the Beat pkgs still available at most restaurants.