Entertainment at the International Festival of the Holidays

We have one day in Epcot. There are so many choices of live entertainment during the festival. I want to see them all, but also want to enjoy the food booths and pavilions. Which holiday entertainment would you recommend?

I actually did a plan just yesterday that includes all of the entertainment, just to see if it was actually possible to do in one day.

Turns out, it is without rushing too much, although sometimes there’s not a lot of time in between shows, other than 15 minutes wait time. I could publish it if you like. It started at the IG at 11am, and went anti-clockwise around WS, ending with the U.K. and then a meal at Le Cellier.

However, to answer your question, I loved La Befana in Italy. That is a must do, an amazing story teller. I also enjoyed the Norway one and the Voices of Liberty in the US. Also the Lion Dancers in China. We followed Pierre Noel in France but didn’t stay to see what he actually did, or if it was really a meet and greet thing.


Thank you. I was able to create a plan that includes everything except the CP. By dragging things around in the plan, I was able to cut down on a lot of the walking that the personalized plan had when first created.

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