Entering MVMCP early as a DVC Guest

My wife and I will be attending MVMCP for the first time on our trip without kid’s the week before Thanksgiving. Has anyone ever gotten a chance to enter the park 2 hours early with a DVC member? Is it inappropriate to try to find a DVC member going to the same party that might help us get in early?

I have read posts on chat asking if any DVC members are going to a party and asking if they would help them enter. I don’t know how common it is. I will be entering with family members and I know I would hesitate to volunteer since I could never guarantee a time.

Personally I feel it’s a bit tacky to ask such a thing, but I’ve seen it done and I suppose there’s no real harm in it.

Better if someone offered and you took them up on it. Kind of like not inviting yourself to dinner, I guess.

Personal preference.